All the maps that you have saved are available on this screen. There are 2 views available Thumbnails (which is the default) and Details.

The Maps Screen
Changing the view

Click on the 'Details' button in the top right, to change to the table view.

To switch back click on the 'Thumbnails' button in the top right.

Details View
Details View

You can see when maps were created, the level/granularity of the shading and the dataset which they are based on.

You can sort the maps by clicking on the columns at the top.

Filtering by Dataset

By default it shows maps for 'All datasets'

If you click on the drop down button where it says 'All Datasets' you can choose a specific dataset to filter on.

You will now only see Maps which are based on the selected dataset

This is available in both the 'Thumbnail View' and the 'Details View'