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  • Upload your own data (exported as CSV from Excel or a database)
  • Plot your data on a map at Postcode Area, District and Sector levels
  • Shade heat maps based on the number of sales, customers, revenue or any other numeric values
  • Map the territory of your sales people
  • Customise borders, labels and shading options
  • Export images to use without restriction
  • You can try out the system using sample data
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  • It's free: no credit cards or bank account details required
  • It's quick: you just need to enter your name, email address and a password
  • It's easy: no unnecessary complicated features
  • It's in the cloud: view your maps anywhere
  • It's secure: your password is hashed and we don't share your information with any third parties
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A selection of exported maps


Making GIS simpler and cheaper

  • We provide a cheap alternative to traditional desktop GIS systems
  • You don't have to buy shape files or base maps - the system is pre-loaded with UK postcode based polygons
  • You don't need to buy expensive hardware to run it on - it's in the cloud
  • You don't need specially trained staff to use this site
  • Upload your data as a simple CSV file and create a map in seconds



We have a range of pricing to suit various needs and budgets


£0 / mo

  • Single user access
  • 5 datasets per month
  • -
  • -


£15 / mo

  • Shared Maps and Data
  • 30 datasets per month
  • High resolution images
  • Email support

Bespoke Service (New)

If you send us your data, we can create a series of maps for you

  • Email our friendly service
  • We will assess the suitability of your data at no cost
  • You will receive a quick quote and samples of what you can expect to receive
  • We import your data and create maps for you to browse and customise
  • You will receive a series of high resolution images of heat maps for various geographic regions, both high level and low level
  • It's easy: let us do all the work
  • It's quick: with our express option, we can prioritise your maps
  • With prices starting from as little as £30, it's great value!
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A selection of exported maps


Your mapping service is very useful, we've started using it recently and found it to be really good, so thank you also for that!

Excellent customer service - you go over and beyond.

This is incredibly helpful thank you so much.

Fab website and easy to use. Keep up the great work

I have to say the website is the best I found for this kind of thing. Flexible, easy and straight forward to use.

Brilliant. It's a great tool.

About Us

We built 2map.co.uk to make geographical data analysis as simple as possible for the end user

Malcolm Titchmarsh founder

Malcolm Titchmarsh

Founder, CEO
Loves writing code and building data analysis systems
Norrey Considine

Norrey Considine

Customer Support
Norrey is thoughtful, kind, friendly and helpful

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