MGT Software Limited - Privacy Policy

What is in this policy

This policy covers the services provided by MGT Software Ltd.

What is NOT in this policy

Our services sometimes link to services that are provided by other companies such as PayPal or Google. Those companies have their own policies regarding cookies and privacy. Any information provided to those companies will follow their rules and not those of MGT Software Limited.

How do we protect your personal information

From our sign up process you will see that we don't ask for any more data than we need to provide our services to you.

Data sent between your web browser and our server is encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer SSL.

Your password is not stored in our database as clear text. It is hashed/scrambled, so in the unlikely event that our database is unlawfully accessed, an attacker will not gain access to your clear password.

Where do we store your personal information?

We use web hosting suppliers and cloud computing providers based in the European Union and in the United States of America. We only use suppliers that we are satisfied can provide comprehensive security. We only use hosting companies residing in countries that have adequate data protection laws.

What types of personal information do we hold

We store:

If you subscribe to our service then we store the following:

We do not hold billing or credit card details.

How long will we hold your personal information

Until you tell us that you would like it deleting. We may contact you if you have have not been active for 2 years to see if you still want us to hold your data. We will not delete any data without contacting you first.

Who do we share your data with

We do not share your data with any third parties, other than the web hosting and cloud service providers. Our payment provider shares subscription data with us.

How do you contact us

The Data Controller, MGT Software Limited, 11 Valley View, Burnt Yates, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, HG3 3HG

Can I delete my data

Yes we can delete your account and its data. Contact

What are my rights

Your rights are as follows:

How does MGT Software use Cookies and Tracking

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or device when you visit a website or use an app.

Cookies are used to identify users when they return to a site, so that they don't have to keeping providing the same details each time they visit.

Cookies and tracking allow us to see how people are using our services or if they read our emails.

Third party cookies such as Google Analytics, Facebook or LinkedIn allow us to see where our web traffic comes from.

You can disable cookies in your browser but they may stop our services from working correctly.

Notifications about changes to this policy

We will email you if there are changes to this policy. If you do not agree with this policy or any of the changes to it, you can stop using our services and contact: to request that your data is removed.